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TGt Meets… Daniel Bull of Your Social Media Consultant

In our latest addition of TGt Meets, we got to hear from Daniel Bull of Your Social Media Consultant. Read on to know more about his career and the services you can benefit from, with his company.

1. What first begot your interest in Social Media Management?

I had a long term interest in social media marketing, from studying for my PR degree at Bournemouth University right through to working in my first Communications role at Bournemouth Council.

My interest stemmed from how social media affected the way people communicated in day to day life, and how businesses could tap into that and use it to its maximum potential to reach more customers through a highly creative medium.

I decided to setup my own social media marketing business, back in 2016, as I noticed a gap in the market, with lots of SME’s missing out on the benefits of social media marketing because they didn’t have the time, knowledge or the inclination to do it for themselves.

2. Explain what Your Social Media Consultant does for clients?

I offer a tailored, bespoke social media management and training service for a wide range of businesses across the UK- with a specific focus and background in helping service based businesses, network marketers and franchise owners.

This involves social media strategic planning, content management and tailored training  that can be delivered in a one to one or group setting to suit.

I’m always focused on making sure I fully understand the needs of a business before I work with someone new to ensure I can help them in the best way possible. For example, I take into account their experience and current level of understanding of the various platforms, and most importantly how much time they can devote to marketing their business through social media.

3. What is something you wish you knew before beginning Your Social Media Consultant?

You learn a lot of hard lessons as a business owner, and one the biggest lessons I’ve learnt is to outsource when necessary rather than trying to do it all on my own. This is a common mistake that a lot of people make in the early days when they setup their own venture.

Whilst it’s very rewarding to run your own business, I’d strongly advise anyone wanting to start their own enterprise to do their research before they take the leap and be aware that it takes a lot of dedication, sacrifice and passion to succeed over the long term.

4. What is your favourite thing about your role?

Being fully accountable for my own successes and failures and embracing them both in equal measure.

More specifically, I love working with different types of people from all kinds of backgrounds and learning what makes their businesses tick. I also love getting creative with content and keeping up to date with all the changes to social media, it certainly keep things interesting!

5. You do a free initial consultation, what is generally covered during this?

This is a great chance to get to know the business owner, what they are looking for and working out if my services are the right fit for them.

I listen to their current challenges to help me understand how I can serve them best. Within this consultation, I also ask my prospective clients to give me as much detail as they can about the market they operate in. This helps me to fully understand the business and marketing opportunties within their sector and the challenges they face.

6. What is the company culture like at Your Social Media Consultant?

There is only me currently working in my business, but I have the support of my Dorset Business Mentor to keep me on track.

I’m strict with myself to keep on track- but one of the main benefits of being your own boss is being able to be flexible around what you do. I arrange my working day to ensure I get some exercise, networking and self- care activities in each week to help keep me motivated, healthy and to inspire my creativity. This includes playing tennis, being an active member of a local social group and taking part in a meditation class on a weekly basis.

Visit Your Social Media Consultant's WEBSITE and FACEBOOK PAGE.

Your Social Media Consultant

For the past six years, Dan has collaborated with numerous business owners throughout the UK and globally, aiding them in streamlining their social media approaches and achieving their desired outcomes.

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