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Luxe Candles Poole

REVIEW: Luxe Candles Poole

My children and husband often joke that I'm obsessed with candles and our oil burner (they are correct though!).

I saw a middle aisle special in Lidl recently and gave their Mulled Wine wax melt a go to get the festive vibes going in the house only to be left disappointed as the scent was so weak.

I thought it was my burner and almost bought a new one but thank goodness I discovered Dorset based independent business Luxe Candles - who specialise in wax melts.

The personal service was fantastic - I received a beautifully packaged box through our post box within a day of ordering and I could even smell the melts as I started opening the carefully wrapped box.

Not only do they smell absolutely divine but they almost look too cute to melt (almost).

The scent is perfect, filling the entire house with a divine smell. Luxe candles have managed to create the perfect melts - strong enough to fill the house but not distastefully strong.

Our absolute favourite are the gingerbread melts - the house feels so warm and festive and the scent lingers long after burning.

They are an absolute bargain at £5 per pack and they would make a gorgeous gift (if you can bare to give them away!).

If you want to receive your melts before Christmas, you’ll need to order before 15th December.

Find out more HERE!

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