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BBQ & Picnic Spots

Whether you are looking for a chilled-out BBQ on a beach or a gentle stroll with a picnic in the park, the list of the best BBQ and Picnic spots in Poole highlights some of our favourite locations across Poole for you to enjoy some quality time with good food and breathtaking views.

Explore our pick of the best BBQ and picnic spots that Poole and the surrounding areas have to offer this summer...

Sandbanks picnic spot

Sandbanks (Ferry Side)

This beautiful spot has everything from the sea to a stunning view. You can sit down and enjoy your picnic or BBQ here without being disturbed during the peak hours of the main Sandbanks beach.

There is a small car park next to the Haven Hotel, however you can park down the side roads, where the walk will be a bit longer, depending on how busy the beach is that day.

Once you are finished, you may decide to take stroll; the Bournemouth Pier is only a 90 minute walk away.

You can also take the 60 or 40 Breezer bus which will take you straight to Swanage.

Postcode: BH13 7PJ

Lake Pier Poole

Lake Pier

Lake Pier in Poole is a popular spot for many people whom take part in watersports; from kayaking to paddle boarding. During peak hours, the pier is very busy, but if you take a 5-minute walk down to Lake Beach, which is on the right, you will be able to find plenty of spots to set up camp and have yourself a small picnic or BBQ.

Not only this, but once you are done there are several walks you enjoy around the local area. Our favourite one is to walk around Ham Common, which has a beautiful lake in the centre.

The parking space at Lake Pier is limited but if you arrive early morning or evening you should be able to find a space. If not, there is always roads on the outside of the entrance which you can park on and take a small walk down to the pier.

Postcode: BH15 4LR

Little Pickle at the Mill

Little Pickle at the Mill

About: There are multiple great spots for picnics in and around Poole, but one of our favourites is the Little Pickle at The Mill. 

They provide freshly made smoothies, homemade sausage rolls, and delicious sandwiches. 

Plus their picnic boxes are available for both adults and kids to grab and go or settle down by the river.

Pop in and spend this sunny Sunday with The Little Pickle at The Mill, they're open from 10am - 4pm on Sundays for picnics. 

*sandwich, crisps, drink, sweet treat, valid on selected items only.


  • Adults £12.50
  • Kids £6.50

Address: Walford Mill Crafts, Knobcrook Road, Stone Lane, Wimborne, BH21 1NL

Telephone: 07961 347721   

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Poole Park

Poole Park

One of the most famous spots in Poole for a picnic is Poole Park, you will easily be able to find a space to park your car, or lock your bike up, and then finding a spot for your picnic or BBQ will be easy. There is an open field next to the park and around The Ark (which is a soft play centre, ice rink & café). There are also multiple benches place around the park which you will be able to sit down on and enjoy your lunch.

Once you have finished your picnic or BBQ, you may want to take a stroll around the beautiful Parkstone Bay, walking along the path through Baiter and then into Whitecliff, which is our next spot for your lunch!

Postcode: BH15 2SF

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Whitecliff Harbourside Park

Whitecliff Harbourside Park

If you have children and are looking to go on a day out with a picnic or a BBQ in Poole, Whitecliff Harbourside Park may be the perfect spot for you. There is a vast field you can sit down on, and if you wanted to bring a ball there are multiple goals placed around the field for everyone to play in.

There are a good parking spots at Whitecliff, however the car park is quite small. If it's full, it's worth trying Baiter Harbourside car park, and then taking the 10-minute walk to the park.

Postcode: BH15 1TQ

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Hamworthy Park

Hamworthy Park

This is one of the most perfect places to go on a cool summer’s day. Hamworthy Park features a football goal, basketball court, community paddling pool & a small beach all within a 5-minute walk from each other so there is plenty to do and to enjoy.

You can set-up your picnic or BBQ in the field which is directly in the middle of all of these spots. The parking is limited, however if you visit during off-peak hours you will be fine. The car park is right next to the field, which is perfect for carrying a lot of food!

Postcode: BH15 4DH

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BBQ Tips

BBQ Tips

Tip 1: Buying fresh artisan bread, deli meats and delicious win in Poole is a great addition to any meal especially a BBQ. Fortunately we are blessed with a great delicatessen, Nicholas James Deli.

They offer incredible local produce and intriguing products that are sourced from expert foodies. You can expect a plentiful selection of fine wines, beverages, sparkling seafood and their popular heritage butchery. 

Their fish counter offers a delicious variety of delights, including Faroe Islands salmon, Alaskan king crab, live shellfish, Petrossian caviar and more. You’ll also find popular everyday fish varieties, presented whole or filleted on request. 

Nicholas James Deli has daily deliveries of the freshest choice of award-winning artisan bread, glistening pastries, vegetables, meat, fish, best selections of cheeses in the area and charcuterie!  

They're open 7 days a week form 8am - 7pm & Sunday from 10am - 6pm.

So if you're looking to impress your guests when you host your next BBQ then be sure to visit Nicholas James Deli for the finest and freshest products.


Tip 2: Doing a bbq at your picnic? Sometimes it can be so difficult organising all the food and ensuring there is something for everyone, but from the help of Rare Box you can have a delicious bbq where you don't have to have any stress finding the food. 

Rare Box put together incredibly divine bbq boxes that include everything and anything you'd need in order to host the best bbq party.

Check them out HERE!

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Top Tip For The Ultimate Picnic

Top Tip For The Ultimate Picnic

Planning a picnic in the park can be stressful, buying and preparing all the picnic treats can be hard but that's why Drgnfly Pan-Asian Restaurant created their own garden boxes which are ideal for your picnic parties!

Drgnfly Pan-Asian Restaurant's garden boxes are a deliciously different food to takeaway and are perfect for your picnic gathering in the park or even your back garden. Whether you've got a picnic set-up for 2 or 10 people, you can buy multiple garden boxes, which will give you some special offers when purchasing for your large gathering.

There are 3 to choose from, all available with or without your choice of cocktails or bubbles! Each box contains a big selection of DRGNFLY favourite dishes designed to share between 2 hungry people!

Order info:

  • Order by 10pm on Friday for collection or delivery on Saturday between 1pm & 7pm.
  • Order by 10pm on Saturday for collection or delivery on Sunday between 1pm & 7pm.

View their different garden boxes HERE!

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