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Best Places to Watch the Sunset in Dorset

After a long, hard working day, relaxing is all you want to do. There is nothing better than relaxing and unwinding by watching a sunset turn the sky fiery colours. An orange sunset. A pink sunset. Either sunset, makes relaxing a thousand times better and Dorset is the perfect place to view some amazing sights of the setting sun. Here are some of the best places for watching sunsets in Dorset.

Whether it is to take the most beautiful picture, or to just simply enjoy a setting sun, we all love to see the beauty of a sunset. However, you can sometimes be stuck with the question of where where best to view it? Where in Dorset can you view the perfect scenery the best? Worry not for we’re here to tell you about some of the best spots for watching a sunset in Dorset.

Constitution Hill Viewpoint

This spot gives the perfect view over Poole for a sunset, giving you a far view of sky and land as well as plenty of space for those photographers to get that perfect sunset photo. This place will surely become one of the favourites for scenic viewing spots. Especially for sunsets as the sky will stretch out in front of you without needing to tilt your head up to look.

Postcode: BH14 0LG

Sandbanks Beach

Sandbanks Beach has officially been named the UK's most beautiful sunset watching location, so it only seemed right to include it here! At this location, you get the luxury of looking at the sunset as well as enjoying the water in Poole Bay. There is nothing better than listening to ocean waves and water splashes as you watch the sunset hide behind the horizon creating a glistening reflection on the salty water whilst taking an evening walk.

Postcode: BH13 7PP

Poole Quay

When a week comes to a close, having a drink and watching a sunset is the perfect decision. Watching boats sail in and out and waves splash against the side of the quay whilst sipping on a Gin and Tonic is almost perfect until you add a sunset in the scenario. Now that is perfection! Just need to sit back, relax and watch the orange sky reflect on a water.

Postcode: BH15 1HJ 

Holes Bay

Fancy watching the sunset at a quiet place with no one around apart from you, the birds and a beautiful, clear view of an orangey-pink sky. This is perfect for you. This spot is also perfect for photographers who hope to get the perfect sunset shot. This location is also perfect if you want that special someone to join you for a nice evening walk.

Postcode: BH15 2AA

Baiter Park

Evening walk in a family friendly park is sweet and wonderful, especially as you have the people who mean the most to enjoy the scenery with you. Whilst you get a wonderful view of Poole Bay, the path around allows you to relax and watch the orange sky spread and takes over the blue sky. Perfect for the family.

Postcode: BH15 1UX

South Deep

With stunning views across the harbour from their restauraunt, South Deep is the perfect spot to watch the sun set with a glass of something refreshing in hand.
South Deep is one of our favourite spots to wine, dine and socialise in Poole with it's lovely, relxing atmosphere and the views just make it a 10/10/.  

Address: Turks Ln, Poole BH14 8EW

Booking advised. 

Evening Hill

Whilst facing west, you will always get the best. Splashing water, reflections, sparkles on the water and an amazing photo opportunity. The view also gives you a great view of the naturistic, Brownsea Island. Nature is beautiful and so is the sunset. Everything is beautiful in this location.

Postcode: BH13 7PQ

Blog post and photos provided by Lauren Townsend -

Fancy watching the sunset on the water?

Then check out the brilliant Rockley Watersports and experience Poole's stunning sunsets and sunrises whilst out on the water trying out some exciting watersport activities. Rockley Watersports provides fantastic watersports training, so you can test your skills at sailing, paddleboarding, power boating, and windsurfing, whilst you watch the sunset at one of Poole's most serene outdoor spaces.

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